Working with nested components

In this Lab you will extend the MathQuestion Lab to work with other components

Your task is to create a Math Exam with 3 components:

Exam header child component

Clicking on generate test creates a random exam:

 the questions are implemented as another child components

After filling the exam and click on check , mark correct answer with green and wrong with red and calculate the total grade on the exam header


  • Create a child component for the header
    • Add input parameter for total grade
    • Add output parameters and events for number of questions and check click
  • Create a child component for the question
    • Add input parameters for num1, num2 and the operand ( + , – , * , / )
    • Add output parameter for result
  • Create a parent component to implement the exam , read the number of requested questions, generate a random exam (with random numbers from 1 to 100 and random operand), check the exam and update result