Month: October 2017

Angular 2+ components (practical reference)

The basic unit of any Angular Application is the component This post summaries the common tasks with components and can be used as a pool of useful code snippets Creating Data binding – one way and 2-way Using ngIf and ngFor to create dynamic template content creating and communicating with nested components Creating a new […]

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Linux file systems and Block layer

Presentation from linux kernel meetup Linux VFS and Block some nice links for more information: Simple file system example¬†and details here¬†(multiple posts) The page cache chapter from linux kernel development book Nice post – linux VFS Block filter example Dive into linux IO path The block IO layer  

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The Amazing numbers of Linux OS

1.3 Million smartphones running Linux are activated every single day. 7,00,000 televisions are sold every single day running Linux. 92% of the world’s high performance computing systems, that predict climate change, forecast the weather, run the CERN super collider are all Linux. 85% of the world’s global equity trading platforms are running linux. read mode […]

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