Tag: Machine Learning

Linear Regression With Numpy

One of the simplest models of machine learning is linear regression When there is a linear relationship between the features and the target variable, all we need to find is the equation of the straight line in the multidimensional space For example, we have ┬áreal estate sales data: apartment size, floor, area code, distance from […]

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Python Machine Learning Example – Linear Regression

In my previous post, I went over the basic concepts in machine learning and I used a very small amount of data. I got great feedbacks but also notes to make more complex example with bigger dataset. In this post I will use a bigger dataset and use pandas , seaborn and scikit-learn to illustrate […]

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Machine Learning With Python – Introduction

Python is a great programming language for data analysis. With tons of packages for data handling it is the best choice for data analysts , algorithm developers and more Lets get started with understanding the relationship between some very popular data packages Numpy is package for multi dimension arrays – very effective implementation Scipy – […]

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