Useful Tools That You Can Find On Any Linux Distribution

Linux users, even beginners are familiar with the simple file utilities like ls, rm, cp etc. If you look at /bin directory in any linux distribution , you will find many tools that can help on a daily use. In this post, I will cover some interesting tools.


The purpose of this post is to introduce the tools only and not as a replacement to the man page – for each tool there are a lot of options in the man page


Find Files

Find c files in the current directory  and all sub directories

Find all log files with size greater than 200kb 

Find all tmp files with size greater than 2M that are not belong to user developer and delete them

ask for confirmation for each file


Grep – Find in files

Find the text ‘hello’ in any text file in the current directory

Find the text ‘hello’ in any file in the current directory and all sub directories

using regular expression


cut – Select fields or columns from file

select 10 characters from each line

Select fields 1,5,6,7 from each line -the separator is ‘:’ 


at – Run a program at a specific time


bc – Command Line Calculator

Use it in a script


comm – Compare 2 sorted files


diff – compare files line by line


df – Report File system disk space usage


du – Estimate file space usage

Display only summery :


file — Determine File type


fold – wrap each input line to fit in specified width


head/tail – print first/last line of file

display first/last 2 lines of file:

display first 50 characters from file:


join lines of two files on a common field


od – dump file in various formats

by byte

by word


paste – merge lines of files


sort – Sorting files


split – split a file into pieces


uniq – Remove duplicate lines from a sorted file


wcPrint character, word and line count in files




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