Simple component

In this lab, you will create a simple Math test application. The application generate a simple math problem and check the user result

  • Create a new Angular app
  • Add bootstrap support
  • Use the main app.component to implement this app
  • Create the following form:

  • Write a module (ES6) in directory app/Tools – MathTools.ts
    declare a class with a single static function geterateRandomNumber(n:num)
    Use Math.random()
  • Complete the application to check the result and display a message
  • Change the message to use a bootstrap alert , add alerts for correct answer and wrong answer and use *ngIf to switch between them
  • Change the last section to use only one alert and use ngClass instead (use array)


Part 2

  • Add a new text box for the number of questions to generate
  • Create a new type Question with fields : num1, num2, res
  • Add a Question Array to the component
  • Use <div> with ngFor to create an exam , add a textbox for the result
  • On “check” button click – display a message grade: …
  • use ngIf to display the message only after check click, use bootstrap alert and ngClass