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10 Python Interview Questions You need to know

Python is very popular programming language with many job offers. I collected some questions (with answers) from many students interviews. Test yourself: are you ready to work with python? 1. Base and derived classes: Look at the following code:

Is it possible to make obj call the base class show? In other words I […]

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Simple Image Processing with Python

Python is not a programming language for writing algorithms. It is a dynamic language , secure and high level. If we want to write a complex algorithm we need pointers for efficiency and we will probably use C/C++. Python do have tons of external packages, some of them implemented in C and using a simple […]

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Machine Learning With Python – Introduction

Python is a great programming language for data analysis. With tons of packages for data handling it is the best choice for data analysts , algorithm developers and more Lets get started with understanding the relationship between some very popular data packages Numpy is package for multi dimension arrays – very effective implementation Scipy – […]

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Django – Simple channels Example

Django is a great python web framework for server side. If we want to communicate with the client it can be done using the request-response model and also using a web socket especially when we want to send push notifications to the client. This is a very simple example of how to create and communicate […]

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Pandas for SQL Users

Pandas is a great python library for data handling. It declares 2 main classes: Series – for one dimensional array DataFrame – for 2 dimensional tables (and with multi-indexing can display more dimensions) Typical flow of using Pandas will be – load the data, manipulate and store again. This is very similar to SQL use […]

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Building a Simple Website with Angular 4 and Django (and deploy it to heroku)

There are many alternatives to build a site , you need to select a client framework , a server platform, a database server and many other building blocks to help you link everything , develop, debug and deploy One great option for server side development is python. With its huge number of packages and tools […]

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