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AOSP – Creating a System Service

In the previous post, we built a native daemon in Android native layer. We wrote a simple application to communicate with the daemon using a socket (UDS/UDP/TCP). Most of the services provided by Android using the Android Framewok¬†layer If for example, the camera application wants to get the current GPS location, it connects to the […]

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Android HIDL and Project Treble

One of the problems in Android is the fact that when a new version is released only a few devices can be updated. Actually, if you want to enjoy the latest version, you need to buy a new smartphone every 6 months. Google solution is the Project trebel that separates the vendor implementation from the […]

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AOSP – Creating a System Application

When we build a ROM for Android device we can add components on different layers. We can add daemons and libraries on the native layer, system services on the framework layer and system applications we want to build into the ROM (like the phone app, SMS, etc) In this post, I will¬† cover the process […]

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Android ION

One of the features google added to linux kernel is a general purpose allocator /dev/ion. The new allocator allows us to allocate memory from different heaps and devices, virtual and physical User space usage

Kernel usage


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Creating a Java VM from Native code

On Android init phase we are running init application that uses its init scripts to start all the code system services. We can add a new daemon easily if we are building a ROM by add an empty folder, adding Android.mk file and C/C++ source file. In this way we can run C/C++ code but […]

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