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Angular and Django – WebSockets Communication

Django is a great Web framework for server side , Angular is a great JS framework for client side. While Integrating both frameworks, we get many benefits. This is the 3rd post about integrating both frameworks For getting started tutorial for using both Angular and Django see this post For integrating data packages – numpy, […]

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Angular 5 Services

Angular application is built from components – organized in modules with hierarchy. The component represent a user interface element with properties, methods, input and output parameters and more. When we want interaction between components we use input and output parameters but if the interaction is not between parent and child (for example 2 brothers components […]

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Django – Simple channels Example

Django is a great python web framework for server side. If we want to communicate with the client it can be done using the request-response model and also using a web socket especially when we want to send push notifications to the client. This is a very simple example of how to create and communicate […]

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Angular 2+ Pipes

Pipes provide a very easy way to manipulate data on the client side. It can be used to change the displayed numbers (for currency for example), manipulate strings (uppercase, lowercase, etc) and more. You can also create your custom pipe and use it anywhere easily   Simple example: In the component code declare:

In […]

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Angular 2+ components (practical reference)

The basic unit of any Angular Application is the component This post summaries the common tasks with components and can be used as a pool of useful code snippets Creating Data binding – one way and 2-way Using ngIf and ngFor to create dynamic template content creating and communicating with nested components Creating a new […]

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Linux file systems and Block layer

Presentation from linux kernel meetup Linux VFS and Block some nice links for more information: Simple file system example and details here (multiple posts) The page cache chapter from linux kernel development book Nice post – linux VFS Block filter example Dive into linux IO path The block IO layer  

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The Amazing numbers of Linux OS

1.3 Million smartphones running Linux are activated every single day. 7,00,000 televisions are sold every single day running Linux. 92% of the world’s high performance computing systems, that predict climate change, forecast the weather, run the CERN super collider are all Linux. 85% of the world’s global equity trading platforms are running linux. read mode […]

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Linux 4.10 ARM System Calls Table

As a result of continues changes in linux kernel, new system calls are added all the time. In version 4.9, to support a new system call we need to change a source assembly file (arch/arm/kernel/calls.S) and to add the source file with SYSCALL_DEFINEx macro and the function declaration From version 4.10 it is done by […]

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Linux Shared Libraries

While writing applications in linux , the developer can use tons of libraries. Each library can packs functions, classes and variables and it is very  important to understand how to create and work with it. Lets start with simple example: Implicit link

To compile the library we use:

Here we use -g3 to […]

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Angular 2+ Components

One great thing with Angular is the ability to build a component for reuse There are a lot of components and libraries you can find in npm You can find some interesting libraries in this blog post

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