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C Pitfalls – Test yourself (what will be printed)

C is a great programming language , very fast , almost low level but its because the responsibility to write a good working code (and secure) is the developer. Array access , type casts, function parameters and more are not checked by the runtime so if you do something wrong – you crash It is […]

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The C preprocessor

The C preprocessor is the first stepĀ of the code translation process. It performs some editingĀ tasks before the compiler starts . With Standard C has come a number of useful and powerful techniques that make the preprocessor a genuinely useful tool to the C programmer. The preprocessor is a powerful but must be used carefully (pitfalls) […]

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C and Assembly

No one wants to write assembly code!!!. It is complex, hard to code, hard to debug and not portable. Sometimes we have no choice for example if performance is super critical or if we want to use some specific SIMD instructions etc. So why we need to learn and write assembly code? Optimization – in […]

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